Heritage & Arts

Heritage & Arts

Historical Westport

Take in the short, but vibrant history of Westport with this walking guide – information, historical buildings, historical street views. See the Historical Westport website.

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Westport Genealogy & History Group

The Westport Genealogy & History Group collects, and helps researchers find, information on the families and the local history of the Buller District.

Email: westportgenealogy@xtra.co.nz
Contact our Archivist & Researcher: Trich Devescovi
Phone: (03) 7897479 or email trichduck@xtra.co.nz
Visit us at Coaltown Museum on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon after 1 pm.

Palm Street Gallery – Westport Artists Collective

241 Palmerston Street, Westport.
Phone: 03 789-8004

Palm Street Gallery is a community gallery celebrating the creative talent of artists in and around Westport. You will find a wide range of work showcased here. From paintings, wood carving, bone carving, driftwood ‘sculptures’, flax work, beadwork, candles and cards to pounamu jewellery and interesting impressionist painting and sculpture, you are bound to find something to appeal.

The gallery is run by volunteers so opening hours can vary. However, if you spot a ‘must have’ item, there there is a phone number on the door to call and they will happily come and open up the shop for you.

Hector Country Music Museum

Barry and Judy Skinner arrived in the coal mining village of Hector in 2000. Barry, a long time country music musician (dobro, lap steel, guitar) and collector (since 1961) has traveled around the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Mexico playing country music and meeting, collecting, jamming, hunting, treasuring and so much more.

Barry has built this museum with his very capable hands. Entering through the front door the visitors will often stand, jaws dropped and eyebrows raised at the scope, style and sheer volume of country music memorabilia theyre confronted with. Out back is Barry’s studio storerooms of cassettes, vinyl, CD’s, DVD and VCR collections. Every album, tape, CD, DVD is scrupulously recorded, cross referenced and data entried – over 40,000 entries alone on computer – asking how long that took and Barry glibly replies ‘ohh about 3 years’ and thats just the music collection.

Admission: Adult $5. Senior $3.50. Child no charge.
Phone: 03 782 8400
Email: hcmhm@xtra.co.nz
Address: 22 Ives Street, Hector

Granity Museum

Back Road, Granity.
Open as required.
Contact 03 429 8500 or 03 782 8664

A dedicated group of volunteers, committed to preserving the local European history of the area, staff the museum during the summer.   The museum features the Marion Shovel parts mounted outside and displays inside are continually being added to and improved.

Torea Gallery – Northern Buller Artists Collective

Torea Street, Granity.
Open 7 days in summer from 10am to 4pm.

On display is an array of interesting artisan work, including jewellery, clothing, soaps, candles etc from 30 different artisans and featuring three leading leadlight artists.


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